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Eventos has KML, ICS (iCalendar) and RSS files so you can use them from external applications and keep track of all our events in real time. Simply copy the link you need to get the events by locations or category from our worldwide events database.

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KML files can be read by Google Maps or Google Earth and compatible applications. They show on map the exact location of Eventos events.

ICS (iCalendar) files may be imported from almost every Schedule or Calendar application. This way, you'll be able to see Eventos events as future dates on your Calendar and you will be able to plan your attending on an intuitive way.

RSS is a content syndication system that will allow you to read news and posts from different sites on the same application. Adding Eventos to your sources will allow you to keep track of our events as you read your favourite sites updates.

Si quieres más información acerca de la app de eventos, contacta con nosotros.